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I am so lucky to be able to do what I love AND get paid for it!   It  never fails to excite me for  someone to want one of my paintings.  The kind comments I get are just icing on the cake.  Here are few of my favorites!



Henry and Olivia were a big hit tonight!  You've made numerous people around
Atlanta very happy with your interpretation of their animal companions.  And
you've made me very very happy.  Arnie will make his debut New Year's
Eve...how fitting.

Thank you again,



Rob, the painting is amazing!  It is absolutely uncanny how you have captured each dog's personality so well.  I almost feel as though I will have them all back again, and that is a blessing.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to meeting you to thank you in person.  You can also be assured that I will have some more commissions for you in the future!
Thanks again so much, Rob.  I am so happy I happened to see your business card that day!



Hi Rob,
The first three paintings were huge hits!  Everyone was so surprised and thrilled.  I'm planning on giving Henry and Olivia on Monday night.  I can pick it up whenever you're ready.
Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you, too.


Hi Rob!
Just wanted to let you know that I gave my husband, Jim, the portrait of Sam, Sauci and Sunni this evening, and everyone in the house went crazy over it!  In fact, my Mom and I were tearing up a bit!  She made the exact same comment that I did when I saw it:  "It's like they are back home again!" 
Thank you again so very much.  I love having their little pictures on your website too!
Have a very merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year!



I just wanted to say thank you again for the painting.  It is absolutely perfect, and is everything I wanted it to be.  You are truly a talented individual, and I know you will continue to please a lot of customers with your work!  I will be back in touch at some point with another project of my own.
By the way, I loved meeting your little Roscoe.  He's a little pistol, isn't he?  Adorable!
Take care,


Hey Rob

I can't tell you how much this painting means to me!  Mojo is perfect!  I can't believe how well you captured him.   It's such a hoot that you used the shag carpeting that we talked about.  I giggle every time I walk by his little cocked head.  And the purple worked so well with the room living room.  My friends went crazy over it!  Now I know what to get them for their birthday!

Thanks a million!



  Hey Mr. Rob!!
    Thank you so much for that painting you did for my Mom of Jasmine, Goldi, and Frodo. It's so awesome and real! I was blown away! Now we can have all of our pets in one picture. (it never happens because of the cat) I'm spreadin' the word around about your art and sendin' people to your online gallery.
    I'm so glad that I saw your business card that day at the dog park. Hope I see ya there some day!!
-Paige P.      age 12      2-8-04







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